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 Kids need us to meet the unfulfilled need causing their problem behavior.

Behavior is the clue, not the problem.  


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School Consulting

  • Education for administrators, teachers, and staff on the root causes of behavior problems including bullying, aggression, and child's loss of empathy, motivation, and social connection. 
  • Connecting with troubled students directly and through classroom observation to assess needs and better understand what their behavior is telling us.     
  • Writing a personalized learning plan for the whole child that supports success (academically, socially, emotionally) including children who've experienced trauma and neglect.  
  • Coaching and support for individual teachers and staff. Working with challenging behaviors in children is an opportunity for personal development.   
Rate: $85/hour. No insurances

I'm informed by experts in child development and human development including Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Dr. Becky Bailey, and the Harvard Center for the Developing Child.  My life's learning has been understanding the conditions for optimal human growth of the whole person.

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