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Help for relationships, parenting, and life fulfillment

I offer help for the many challenges of life including

  changing your habits and behavior, working with hard feelings 

like anxiety and anger, improving personal and workplace relationships, 

and growing self-understanding & consciousness to become your best self. 



  Office, Zoom, and phone sessions available.  

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Client Testimonials

I started seeing Beth when I was having some difficulties in my relationship with my 27 year old son. Beth helped me to understand my communication patterns and change them. This has been an eye-opening journey, and I am now more aware, mindful, and empowered. If you are struggling in your relationships with your kids, your parents, or at work, I highly recommend investing some time with Beth. -Melanie, Essex

"I learned how to communicate and be assertive with my co-workers. Beth helped me focus on myself and gave me a game plan that I was able to really use. " -Eric, South Hero  

"I signed up for her parenting class and learned more than I could have imagined. I look forward to learning more from Beth." - Evan, Shelburne

"I love my work yet I was starting to feel incapable and increasingly impatient with my staff.  Beth helped me change my mindset and become a better mentor to myself and my staff." - Molly, South Burlington  

"Beth has helped me get closer to my goals than anyone ever has. Her "wise guide' framework of parenting has made the tough job of being a parent a lot easier". - Susannah, Jeffersonville


"We went for marriage coaching and decided in the end to divorce. It was still really good for me because Beth helped me learn that no one can make me feel anything. I decide how I feel and act. Learning this has changed my life." - Angela, St. Albans

"Beth's coaching has been extremely helpful and successful. Things with my ex have been so much better.    - Alicia, Vermont


I've studied human development for 35 years to understand how people best learn, mature, form healthy relationships and create contented lives. I have experience as a licensed teacher, youth counselor, parent educator and certified relationship coach.
My philosophy & method are rooted in psychology, interpersonal neurobiology theory, attachment theory & mindfulness science.  I understand people like a mechanic understands a car.  I'll help you listen to what you already know about yourself and teach you more. 

It's easy to forget that we are species with innate needs to fulfill including the vital human needs of relationships, purpose, and joy. We can fulfill these needs and feel more content & fulfilled. Life has its challenges and hard times, yet we don't have to experience daily stress & suffering.   

In a coaching session, you'll share your problem, and I'll help you deepen your insight into its cause and remedy. You schedule and pay for one session at a time as you choose. Coaching is in my Essex, Jct. Vermont office or on the phone or Zoom.  


I'd like to help.

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