We need to change our central question from: 

"How can we help this child change

to meet the school's structure and goals?"


"What is this child's learning zone and how can

the school meet him on his path?

School Consulting 

With 30 years teaching experience and study of human development, Beth teaches what will benefit every child, especially the child who isn't meeting academic &  behavior standards:

a true personalized learning plan.

 Consulting includes:    

  • observing a struggling student's current learning zone (cognitively, socially, and emotionally) and creating a true PLP for the child's school day.
  • teaching school staff how self-image steers all child behavior from its deep roots and what to do (and not do) to nurture positive self-image, especially in a struggling child. 
  • teaching school staff how to communicate with children from the deepest "me with you" mindset to the words we actually say.  Speaking to and listening to kids is essentially relationship itself.  
  • coaching interested teachers and staff  individually in the personal difficulties they experience in their school day. Working with children challenges us in deep, personal ways.  In growing our self-esteem, patience, empathy, and creativity, we become dynamic role models with humble appreciation of how hard learning and growth can be.     
Rate: $75/hour within Chittenden County
         (mileage fee added beyond) 
         Beth Martell Coaching is an LLC.